Hi, I'm Sarah

I spent the bulk of my life covering-up. I was always more comfortable at the sidelines, slouched over under a big sweater or an obscuring scarf. I was never an athlete, or a fitness buff and I never thought much of it, but I was always trying to conceal what I subconsciously felt was an imperfect body.

Then one day there I was – newly married and a babe on the way. I wanted to eat well and keep my body moving for my child. As I began to move and nourish my body I started to feel good. Like, really good.


Never Too Late to Stop Hiding

After baby arrived, I made the life-changing choice to build on my small foundation. I joined a gym and I tried many different classes and methods of “getting in shape” until I found a rhythm and method that has helped me find myself amidst all those layers. Now four kids later and in my thirties, I am no longer hiding under my clothes and sitting on the sidelines. I am energized, uncovered and unstoppable.