Uncover your strongest you

Health and fitness is one of the strongest anchors in my life - but it wasn't always that way. Most of my life has been lived under layers, and without the boundless energy I now have. I never aspired to a bikini-rocking form, but having a family sparked a desire to live a healthier life and possess the physical capacity to not only keep up with my children, but lead them. Now stronger than ever, I want to help other women find the fulfillment, strength, energy and confidence I have found in fitness.  Join the journey to uncover your strongest you.


Raise Your Bar


The Workout Of the Day is rooted in functional cross-training. This discipline will challenge you to explore not just how your body can look, but what it can do. Lift, jump and push your way towards the strongest version of yourself possible. 


Move With Me


Group fitness not only keeps us motivated, it creates a community of dedicated movers looking to improve their health and fitness together. Whether you prefer a varied bootcamp, or a barre-style experience - you will elevate your health and fitness with at my classes.

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