Busy Mama, You can do this...

You're busy... I get it... 

I Really, Really GET IT. But busy people, are getting their (ahem)  'stuff' done, everyday... and I find MOST of these rockstars have something in common: 

MAKING TIME to care for their body. They MAKE TIME for their workouts.

The Gym isn't full of people with 'extra time' or a lack of other hobbies to pass their day.  Their fitness has just become a priority, likely to help them continue to keep up with this busy season of life, be it kids, career, family, volunteer commitments, etc... 

Squeezing in your self-care time will make you feel better, I promise, and if it's been something you'd like to start now, or continue doing, and you're not sure how to hack it with little ones running around at your feet... I have a FUN solution! 

Join me in 'MOMS IN MOTION', a Fitness Class for Mom, and an opportunity for play and friendships for the 'littles' 

Twice weekly; Tuesdays 10:30am & Fridays 9:00am, Sept 11-Oct. 26 at the Crescent Point Regional Fieldhouse. To register visit www.cpregionalfieldhouse.com in the 'mom and tot' programs. 

mom workout.png

meet me at the BARRE

Fall is coming...

and with it, a return to our 'real lives,'  our 'normal routine,' and thankfully, a great lineup of Group Fitness Classes.

In addition to my popular DAILY WOD program, I offer at the Hub PT, Fall Barre Sessions are beginning in September, and I'm thrilled to offer 3 different class times, to suit. 

Evening Barre Classes:

Wednesday Evenings 5:00PM-5:50PM

Sept. 5-October 24th 20018

 Inspirit Studio, 153 Macloed Trail SW, High River

8 classes, $110.00

TO REGISTER: please email me info@sarahtutt.com 

*** please note, max 8 participants in this class, REGISTER ASAP TO HOLD SPOT***




September 10- Oct. 31

Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex

Register for Monday OR Wednesday, OR BOTH!!!!

To register visit www.highriver.ca or call 403-652-4042





The Daily WOD



The growth of the Daily WOD program this summer has been outstanding, and we're so happy to welcome our new members to the team. Already we're seeing new movements mastered, heavier lifts accomplished, and some pretty badass intensity building in the gym. 

We've added 4 new classes to our weekly lineup, so if you want a program that provides flexibility, accountability, and results, the time to start is NOW!

From day 1, you'll belong to a community of incredibly supportive, and encouraging members, all different ages, abilities, levels of fitness, athletic (or not) backgrounds- and all with the common goal of caring for, and challenging our bodies. 

YOU GET unlimited access to below listed classes, a full gym membership to the Hub PT, for $150/month. 

Check out the schedule here: 

DAILY WOD new fall schedule.png